This is kandol.

Karina Kilinski, the inspirator of kandol. is driving the expansion of the brand. kandol.'s products are unique and one of the pioneers in the CBD cosmetics industry. kandol. provides a highly sophisticated product that instantly convinced many people

kandol. was founded at the suggestion of ODI Pharma, a multinational company with its research headquarter in Sweden. Karina Kilinski is the driving force behind kandol. Her ambition is to create a product for the users with the highest efficacy and the best raw materials, which is also characterized by sustainability.

Through studies of medical applications the founders and research understood, that there are many uses in the mainstream outside of medical uses. In particular, but not exclusively, based on the EU approved definition of cannabidiol as an antioxidant, anti-seborrheic, skin conditioning and and skin protection.

We use only CBD that meets pharmaceutical claims for our products.

Through studies of the medical applications the founders and research understood that there are many applications to be used in main stream and not a focus on the medical applications of the plant. Specifically, but not limited to the EU approved definition of Cannabidiol as an antioxidant, antiseborrhoeic, skin conditioner and skin protector.

kandol was founded by a pharmaceutical company which gives kandol the approach of due diligence first, exact measurements first, understanding the source material first, reliability first; all with the goal of bringing a precise and top-notch product to our customers.
After the acknowledgement of Cannabidiol as an excellent ingredient for cosmetics, we studied the planet for the best ingredients and formulations that alone would be high-end cosmetics, but our ingredients are built around CBD to form an excellent combination resulting in amazing products that work. We will not stop here! We will continue to study attributes of other Cannabinoids for the future and other formulations bringing the best of the Cannabis plant to extraordinary cosmetic products for our customers.

As above, our attention to detail requirements from the medical business, and relentless search of finding the most reliable formulation is finally complete for our launch of products for kandol.: CBD Facial Cream, CBD Facial Mask and our CBD Body Balm. kandol. understood the complexities of creating a beautiful product and strives to put science to work for our customers. The result is in our view, is the highest quality vegan, allergen-free CBD products found and that have the stamp of quality "Produced in Germany".

It should not be overlooked that kandol. is conscious of a sustainable earth! Not only in our core vision of plant power and bringing benefits of the cannabis plant to the people, but also in our choice of packaging material. We present tubes that are sugar cane based (50% less carbon footprint than PE), we have chosen recyclable jars and we have even taken it one step further with refill cartridges to lower our carbon footprint. All of our packaging products are sourced in Europe with strong environmental controls.

Our team connected with kandol. has over 40 years of expertise producing world class cosmetics and combined with our expertise in Cannabis, we are thrilled to introduce to you our quite unique CBD line of cosmetics for clarifying and nourishing skin.



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