kandol is labeled with CBD because there is real & pure CBD inside. 100% CBD. 0% THC.

kandol., a brand of the ODI Pharma AB, offers our customers a truly innovational cosmetic product. We take the value of the plant and its molecular compounds seriously. We add more than just cannabis seed oil, our products contain the most valuable constituents of nature combined with the most efficient ingredients in the cosmetics industry.

We use only CBD that corresponds to pharmaceutical claims for our products. Due to our understanding of the raw material CBD on a pharmaceutical basis, our CBD is subject to precise measurements and controls, we guarantee a consistent quality of the raw material CBD. The care line kandol. stands for reliability and sustainability to provide the customer a precise and high quality product offering.

kandol. produces a product that is precise, measurable and of the highest quality. This is not just in CBD content, but all of our precisely chosen ingredients. We also spare no expense in ensuring the highest of quality to our ingredients. We are adding 200mg of pure CBD into each and every one of our products. In our view, our products are among the highest quality in the industry even before the addition of CBD. We look forward to our customers enjoying the wonderful clarifying and nourishing feeling from our cream, mask and balm.

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CBD facial cream sustainable

Sustainability for a GREEN AND CLEAN kandol.

kandol. follows a strict philosophy when creating its products. All our products are based on the strong belief and principle that efficient formulations that actually work perfectly on the skin and clean, green and sustainable products don't exclude each other. It is possible and we create them for our customers. Highest value products with highest efficiency, always in harmony with nature.

kandol. CBD FACIAL CREAM and our CBD FACIAL MASK and CBD BODY LOTION are delivered in 100% recyclable material. We produce highest quality products based on science and our extensive research. Nevertheless, we follow a strict policy in making our products clean, performing and sustainable. It's possible and we make it happen!

kandol. CBD BODY BALM is sold in a tube that is made 100% from renewable resources, Carbon footprint is reduced by 50% thanks to EU resources and production. All our packaging is 100% recyclable. No compromises.

kandol. has chosen a refill alternative (which will be sold at a discount) to lower our carbon footprint. We are proud to support circular economy. Please use our refill option, save money and help the environment! Thank you!

kandol. promises to be and stay clean. No compromises.


kandol. is clean beauty. All kandol. CBD skincare products are guaranteed toxin-free, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated with highly actice ingredients that deliver impressive results. Feed your skin and leave it well moisturized, clarified and healthy looking.

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